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By Soulrain
Para bro2 DB sekalian, ane mau minta pencerahan sama brand visvim dong.. ada yang bisa jelasin tentang quality,price,model dsb. Apakah VISVIM termasuk brand yang hypebeast? overpriced? lets talk about VISVIM jeans,shoes,t-shirst,etc.

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By Soulrain
kerakokoh wrote:mao share sizing visvim, karena byk yg nanya gw.. gw pkir taro sini aja jd smua bs liat hehe

smoga membantu.
( smua berdasarkan pngalaman gw ya.. ga tau bro-bro lain mgkn ada pengalaman yg berbeda, size gw TTS nya US10 - nike gyakusou gw pake US10 )

generally gw blg quite flexible ya sizing nya.. bs plus minus.. kcuali di bbrp model,
jadi kadang kl ada good deal, tp kaya + 0,5 ato - 0,5 dr size TTS kt, masi bisa d ambil.. hehe

FBT - TTS plg oke, -0,5 masi bisa, +0,5 mayan enak, +1 longgar cm masih bisa

VIRGIL - TTS plg oke, -0,5 bisa, +1 masi oke jg, jangan down 1 ya.. blm perna coba tp pst sempit abis

FABRO - TTS ato +0,5. Kalo bs jangan down.. kl terpaksa bgt bs copot insole

SKAGWAY/KIEFER - TTS. down bisa tapi musti copot insole..

7-HOLE - Down 0,5 ato 1. TTS kegedean

GRIZZLY - TTS plg oke. -0,5 bisa cm rd sempit, jgn upsize soalnya gede bgt boots nya

AMERICANA/HOCKNEY -TTS plg oke,-0,5 bisa, +0,5 bisa, +1 bisa cm longgar

PATRICIAN - TTS, -0,5 sempit.. apalg bbrp model kulitnya kaku susah masuk.

BRIGADIER - TTS, -0,5 bisa, mirip2 virgil fit nya

MALISEET -TTS, jgn down rada kecil soalnya.

ARENI - TTS, jangan down

FLYNT - down 0,5 bisa, TTS jg bisa

smoga membantu bro-bro sekalian!

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By ardt

kan ga perlu ada beli baru baru ngepost gan,
kan di sini buat discuss, ak jg penasaran ma visvim, tp ga ngerti apa2.. at least somebody pls give me a brief intro about visvim donk..terutama sepatu2nya :o
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By raven
byk yg ga tau sih ini sitenya, baru soalnya

visvim i think is underrated, all visvim shoes are hand sewn, bags also, shirts also. they use the most rich of materials
the price is high, that is the reason. same reason why a rolex can retails over 50.000usd
:beer :beer :beer
interview w/ hiroki nakamura
Spoiler! :
Why did you start your independent brand in a market dominated by the big dogs?

Visvim began as a reaction to a market of mass produced footwear, but more simply than that we just wanted to make the kinds of shoes that we wanted to wear. There were very few smaller footwear companies at the time of our launch, and when we first started we were simply filling a niche in the footwear market. There will always be niches that larger companies have some difficulty reaching, so I saw such an opportunity for the kind of products that I wanted to wear and make and launched the brand. Sneaker are just sneakers; they don’t have meaning. People mostly wear sneakers because, although designed for sports, they are comfortable in daily use. But we wanted something that was very comfortable, but didn’t look sporty and with a bit more meaning, and with a definite higher quality.

Why do you think independent sneaker brands are proliferating these days? Could you speak on this for the Japanese and the US markets?

I think when it comes to being a small company, the key point is this: being independent isn’t the key, making good quality product for the people who wear it is. Companies making good product will succeed. It doesn’t matter if a company is large or small, corporate or independent, it just matters if they are doing something well. People will always notice.

Do you think that there is a reaction among trend savvy consumers today against brands like Nike, Adidas, etc?

Again, honestly, I have no idea. The thing with trends and people who follow them is that change will remain constant. Maybe one day collecting footwear is trendy to do, but it might not be the same another day. Trends are fickle in nature. But I feel that people who understand quality in materials, design, and development will be attracted to brands who focus on those same things.

As a company, we very much respect large footwear brands because in many ways they’re capable of doing things that we cannot do. We see incredible product being produced daily, product that we might never be able to produce. But at the same time, there might be something that we do that would be difficult for them. It’s up to the customer to decide which is more appealing. I do think, though, that customers are seeking something new and different and something that feels unique to them. The designer’s role is to design good product, that’s all. I just want to make our product better.

Do you use your footwear as a fashion item that gets men interested in your entire line?

That’s a very interesting question. We approach or clothing line with the same focus and development goals as our footwear, so maybe some of our customers have noticed this and started buying other product. As a shoe company, footwear always comes first, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see our footwear as a “gateway” product. It was a natural progression for us to expand from footwear into clothing and backpacks because, like the start of the company, we wanted to design what we wanted to wear. We like making really comfy shoes, and we think our tees or sweats or jeans are really comfy, too. I think people will always like designs that are basic or classic, so there will always be a market…Good product will last for a long time.

this is the guy behind all this
Spoiler! :
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By 4yearstrong
LocalCelebrity wrote:haduhh pengen bgt punya visvim sebiji... yg bagus n murah model apa yah? buta nih ttg visvim.. cuman tauny visvim fbt doang.. :hammer

ada banyak bro

ada visvim fbt shaman
visvim logan
visvim kiefer
visvim christo

kalo gambarnya cek di google ya hehe :piss

kalo tentang murahnya rata2 visvim mahal semua hehe
musti lucky biar dapet harga yg murah :beer
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By 4yearstrong
LocalCelebrity wrote:maksud gw yang paling murah model apa bro?? tapi yg bagus.. hehe.. gw suka tuh yg kaya lu punya.. itu model apa? pgn nyari yg warna item sol nya putih.. ato item smua..

rata2 harga visvim itu 30 rb yen semua ato 3 jtan
tapi misalnya lo ikut ngebid gitu, bisa aja lo dapet visvim 2 jt

semua model juga harganya rata" 3 jtan semua

punya gua itu visvim fbt bro :beer
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gw dpt visvim murah. tp ga ada laces nyaa :( :(

temen gw koleksi, visvim nya laces nya ada yg putus. trus ada satu visvim nya dia kekecilan, diambil deh laces nya trus dijual. skrg gw nyari laces nya ga ada yg juaall :hammer
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