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They've been promoting slight modifications of the Madden 20 coins same match with 0 graphics or purposeful gameplay upgrades for nearly a decade. Is anybody surprised? This is here. Madden stinks and EA is terrible also. The last that I bought was probably Madden 13 or 14 that is. All skill level that is pro was simple and then all madden skill level was utter shit. AI QB have like a 95 percent completion rating in every game and would be unstoppable. Additionally, bullshit, like a forced fumble or your recipient would drop a simple pass for a key first down, would always occur any time you'd be up and threatening to score points.

I am not certain why I find that pic. It is something to do with all the yeah yeah meme from a while back. I cant recall but some dip shit started it as a PFP changing pursuit months ago and people are still using it.It's Dues Ex I don't concerning the oh yea yea matter but I watched maximillianmus a few years ago and he told his fans to change to that profile pic. There was a lot of these at one stage so he must have made a video that is new to tell them to change to it.

It was so bad at one point I moved to the comments of a PewDiePie video and believed the YouTube remarks were bugging out because each and every remark had the same profile pic.I think it had been that in participation to the oh yeah yeah thing. I say what the youtuber was as it's been a while but basically it involved a few fortnite video with all the tagline oh emphasise. You can find a number of these accounts commenting that specific comment on videos, and for any reason they decided to use the same pfp. Coincidence I think.

Eric bishoff a liar to get controversy I'm shocked. That thread is so fucking embarrassing frankly. It's like 90 people shitting on Tony as when their SO's right was fucked by the guy. Despite how much individuals from cheap Mut 20 coins here like to call out people for being fanboys, braindead tribalism remains rampant here.It may be with the various groups and people you associate, but the classes and individuals I associate with are above that kind of behaviour.
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