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Now you have a chance to get a JohnnyQuidd voucher 250k, for 2 people!!!

How: it's so easy, just follow and Retweet the "RT This" tweet. And then grab photos of what's your most favorite items/things that always in your bag. Send it as much as you want, grab photos as good as you can. Put your creativity in it :).

And don't forget to put hashtag #johnnyquidd #whatsinyourbag with short message from you.

"RT this: NOW follow @quiddjohnny, Grab photos, and share it. Win 2 JohnnyQuidd voucher 250k!!! #JohnnyQuiddd #whatsinyourbag"

When: will start at saturday 17 Nov 2012, at 6PM until Monday 19 Nov 2012, at 9PM. The winner will announce directly on twitter, FB,, and on our media.

Now it's a good time to win this Contest and Grab JohnnyQuidd Bags!!!
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