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Humblezing is Bandung based apparel brand focused on urban outerwear. Born in 2010 we exist to give you product with a love for detail and uniqueness of material. A modern and urban outdoor look that makes you feel as if you are experiencing an outdoor life in the midst of the city. #outsidestyle

Leave the comfort is our brand value. We know love of comfortness is human basic nature. We feel at home when live with what we already familiar but happiness and the life itself sometimes come with unknown territory, the knowhere wilderness, the lostness. #leavethecomfort

With our product we invite our humblepeople to dare themself of chance of experimentation, a way of live in mysterious road. Let’s we travel to foreign city, learn the new language, start reading a book, hear the unheard song, begin your own artwork. Because even if “nothing new under the sun” is true we must realize we’re ignorant, we survive because we always learn to know.

“Gear for Good Times”

Humblezing Customer Service






Line @ : @humblezing( with @ )
Whatsapp : 081320204885

Jl. Yudhawastu pramuka IV Bandung

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Humblezing Retailer

The Goods Dept
Lotte Shopping Avenue
Level 1 Unit 1F #18-19
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Karet, Kuningan Jakarta 12940

The Goods Dept.
Pondok Indah Mall 2
3rd Floor #321
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Jakarta 12310
021 75920997
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By Humblezing
Humblezing Summer 2016 Collection

Outdoor apparel label Humblezing presents its offerings for the 2016 spring/summer season following in the footsteps of the summer’s functional and stylish collection. Comprised of utilitarian staples including parka, varsity and workwear styles. This season, Bandung-based outfitters continues to aiding the contemporary outdoors enthusiast to stay outdoors, and its latest offering for casual campers and novice roamers features gear that are both fun and functional, and equally suited for use in the city or in the wild.

Laid back summer styling meets urban comfort and outdoor function in the collection of summer by Humblezing.
From two-tone coloured parka, brightly coloured varsity, to washed-out twill military jackets, our collection is made from premium quality, breathable and lightweight fabrics with utility detail for the ultimate summer vibe comfort and outdoor experience - so you can be kind to your daily activites without compromising your style. Take a look at the latest from Humblezing above and browse the Spring/Summer 2016 collection now at Humblezing Website.

Spoiler! :
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By grower
Aralus kieu :sembah dan yang nyenenginnya lagi, pertama bikin thread, produknya dah banyak :) udah lama ni ya kayanya brandnya :sembah
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By Humblezing
goddamnn wrote:wah ada humblezing, pernah punya calgary jacketnya nih dulu
enak dipakenya dan harganya sangat terjangkau haha :)

Sukses buat humblezing :beer

wah mantap gan sudah punya produk kita :o
terimakasih bnyak doanya :salim

UFEEL wrote:finally nongol jg humblezing dimari, barang bagus nih :thumbup

hihiihhi makasih :o

leonidaz wrote:Bagus' produknya,harganya jg bersahabat :beer


grower wrote:Aralus kieu :sembah dan yang nyenenginnya lagi, pertama bikin thread, produknya dah banyak :) udah lama ni ya kayanya brandnya :sembah

iya gan, dibikin banyak biar enak milihnya :kiss

xsavior wrote:Bagus2 euy produknya. Good luck then

terimakasih :)

EgiMhmmdF wrote:wih sukses deh :beer
ngomong ngomong storenya dimana :)

stockist nya sudah di apdet di post ke 3 ya gan :)

masimulus wrote:nice bro! :genit
sukses ya :beer

makasih :thumbup

Michaeldami wrote:wih mantap bro presentasinya. sukses deh :beer
btw untuk offline store di daerah jakarta atau tangerang ada gak ?

untuk store di jakarta kita belum ada nih bro :( , skrg lagi nawar2rin proposal ke store jakarta, doakan tembus ya gan :)

brengoz423 wrote:Suka deh sama brand yang menawarkan produk banyak kaya gini, harga juga terjangkau :thumbup
Cek web nya dolo :ngacir

:wow mangga gan
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