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Indonesian Denim Group proudly presents WALL OF FADES 2015!
The event to educate, acknowledge and open the eyes of the public to every single details and slangs about jeans that you need to know, and where it came from. There will be various jeans from all over the globe that being shown.




Jeans are trousers that typically made from denim accompanied with the famous 5 pockets and rivets. It is used by the sailors in the Genoese Wars. They were called genes because they came from genoa, which now are simplfied and known as jeans.

While the fabric itself, denim was from France or known as serge de nimes. It has been distributed and known through out sailing from time to time.

In the 18th Century, cotton is getting more popular whereas back in the days, jeans were made from various mixture between fabrics. Through the durability of cotton, the use of this fabric is getting more demanded and being dyed with indigo color which being used as the most jeans nowadays.

In the 1930, jeans became more popular due to the exposure in various films in hollywood, which jeans became identical with cowboys. Furthermore, the use of jeans is being used by many historical events such as wars and sub-culture movements, from mining to the way of people express them selves. Which the impact is huge and the distribution of jeans is known globally.

Wall Of Fades 2015 will show various brands around the world including the details and differences of fades. The newest exhibition strikes with the Denim Enthusiast Dictionary in order for them to know denim and jeans more. And we want to show how sub-culture and countries represent their jeans in their own ways and point of views, so people would appreciate more.


Jeans Around The World
As the main theme of the WOF 2015, there will be exhibition about history of jeans and brands around the globe through exhibition. This year we want to educate more about brands exploration and their brand concepts accompanied with the denim enthusiast dictionary.

Essentials of Jeans
Every jeans have their own amazing details and aesthetics. This year we want to give you more on the visualization of the details behind a pair of jeans including the anatomy and fades explanations provided in the exhibition

Denim and Girls
Jeans are made for everyone, we also acknowledge how jeans are being used by female from time to time. Denim gives a huge impact on how women can express their style through out denim fabrics, not only jeans. There will be explanations and exhibition on how denim being used by girls.

Denim Evolution Exhibition
Who doesn't love faded jeans? raw jeans are naturally fades through out the wearing process, and its evolution is one of the thing that most people love. This year we will share not just best fades, but also fades by various brands from different countries. There will be details on how how wearers wear their jeans from different activities accompanied with the fit.

Entertainment Segment
The provision of entertainment in the form of musical performances, band and others in Wall of Fades 2015. We would like to not just create comfort and hospitality for our respected guests, but also to support and appreciate our local musician more.

Wall of Fades Market
As one of our purpose, to support local brands through out market. We will provide a market for our guest to see and meet curated local brands of Indonesia, from denim to denim fashion essentials.


Wall Of Fades 2015 will be held at:
Place : Kuningan City, Jakarta.
4th December to 6th December 2015 (Free Entry)

Friday : 13.00 - 22.00
Saturday & Sunday : 12.00 - 22.00

All information regarding the event will be posted in this thread,
so all you fine ladies and gentlemen stick around for more info!
follow @walloffades (instagram).

Performance by:

Ben Sihombing
Sebastian Kris
Gilang Aditya

The Tenants:

Elhaus | Voyej | AYE & Co. | OldBlue Co. | Bluesville
Akaime / SAGE / PMP Denim / Folta / WapWeft Co. / Hanzo / Mischief /
Carnivores Soul / Junkard / Hijack Sandals / Jackhammer Co. / Zevin /
MonkeyCatFish / Life Behind Bars / TAKA Craft / Portee Goods /
Havehad / LTHRKRFT / SMITH / Relic Almanac / Verne / FVME /
Humblezing / Workdone / Rafheoo / LOCALE / U.S. COMP4NY /
Livingbone / Karka

Stay tune for more information about this event we all know and love! And see you in Wall of Fades 2015, Kuningan City.

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By WallofFades

The Journey of Denim Begins
This exhibition will show you the history of denim from fabrics, to jeans and untill it distributed globally throughout sailing and other expeditions from country to country in different era.

Famous Brand Around The World
As brands from across the globe are developing rapidly, we want to tell you different brands from various origin of the country while showing their products and brand concept.

Jeans and Fades
Fading explanations and placement will be shown in the exhibition to show how fades are made and the names will be shown accompanied with the jeans.

Jeans Anatomy
Like a human body, jeans also have the anatomy including every little details such as arc, rivets, etc. We will show not just the jeans but also the complimentary elements within the exhibition.

Denim and Girls
There will be denim goods for women and the history on how girls started to wear jeans until now in the modern era. We want to appreciate more on how girls wore their denim goods, not only just jeans.

Denim Enthusiast Dictionary
This year for the first time we present Denim Heads' slang including the explanation and meaning for the word. We hope that you will know when denim lovers spoke unusual words.

Denim Evolution Exhibition
As done in the previous years, this year we will show darahkubiru member's evolution including some of the Best Evolution Jeans tittle member. There will be some information how the wearers spend their time with the jeans on their daily activities and fit picture.

Indonesian Denim Contest 2015
Indonesian Denim Group (INDIGO) made a contest known as IDC. We will show you how some of the participants of the contest progress on their evolution from 8 months in different local brands. Including the exhibition of the collaboration of Indigo Denim Contest (IDC) and one of Japanese Denim Brand and Limbro Denim Store who sponsored the contest, Pure Blue Japan on showing IDC x PBJ x Limbro Jeans.

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By WallofFades

Terimakasih untuk rekan-rekan yang sudah berpartisipasi. Sampai berjumpa di Wall of Fades 2015, Kuningan City. :salim

Spoiler! :
Halo rekan-rekan INDIGO sekalian

seperti WOF dari tahun ke tahun. Ada pengumpulan celana untuk dipajang di WOF.
sesuai dengan tema WOF tahun ini yaitu "Jeans Around The World", maka kami membutuhkan kontribusi dari member darahkubiru dan teman-teman untuk membantu memeriahkan untuk mewujudkan terlaksananya WOF tahun ini. Untuk tahun kami pengumpulan jeans terbagi dalam 3 kategori

Berikut adalah kategori nya :

A. Kategori Famous Brands Around The World

xx. Name country (Brand Reference)

1. China (Recloud)
2. Thailand (Indigo Skin)
3. Sweden (Nudie)
4. France (Dior, A.P.C.)
5. Belgia (Raf Simmons)
6. Uinted Kingdom (Lee Cooper)
7. United States (Levis)
8. Australia (Ksubi)
9. Japan (Samurai, Eternal, PBJ)
10. Canada (Naked&Famous)

Diatas merupakan beberapa contoh asal brand dan refrensinya. Kami tidak menutupi kriteria lain seperti negara ataupun brand yang tak tercantum pada list diatas. Sehingga, bagi rekan-rekan yang memiliki celana selain diatas bisa submit kepada form/pm (details dibawah).

B. Kategori Worn Out

kami membutuhkan jeans brand luar (non lokal) sebanyak 10 celana
dengan sub kriteria yaitu :
- umur lebih dari 1 tahun
- brand luar (non lokal)
- benar" keadaan worn out.

C. Kategori Denim & Girls

kami membutuhkan jeans ataupun denim goods yang dibuat untuk wanita:

1. Scarf
2. Denim Jacket
3. Jeans
4. Dan sebagainya dengan catatan: berbahan denim

Bila kalian mau berpartisipasi dan mempunyai celana yang memenuhi syarat, bisa langsung isi data jeans kalian pada link berikut:


atau dapat langsung PM ke ID @domblang dengan format :

( Kategori : A / B / C )
nama :
ID darahkubiru :
merek celana :
umur celana :
detail cuci : contoh ( 4 soak, 2 wash, seawash )
nomer hp :

Jangan lupa untuk mengattach fotonya

pengumpulan celana akan dilakukan sampai tanggal 25 november 2015. setelah itu. akan ditutup pengumpulan celananya. so ayooo ikut memeriahkan wall of fades 2015 "Jeans Around The World" dengan kontribusi kalian, cheers!!! :beer


Pengembalian Jeans soon akan diupdate dan dibalikan paling cepat H+1 setelah WOF selesai, contact PIC untuk info lebih lanjut
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By WallofFades
bybbo wrote:hai, untuk form PO tshirt disini

untuk case HP disini


kita open sampe kamis, jadi pas kamis sampe minggu itu sesi pembayaran :beer

stay tune yaaa :beer

bybbo wrote:buat check list apakah nama kalian masuk atau tidak, bisa disini

untuk yg kaos ... sp=sharing

yg case hp ... sp=sharing

:beer :beer :beer :beer
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